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The community’s priority is to appreciate our planet as well our natural health. We are aware about the feeling everything is coming into resonance of consideration. What we give to nature, animals, other persons and ourselves is what we receive. Please help us growing and holding high the vibrations of love and respect for and on MOTHER EARTH!

The world will be changed by showing examples. We need more of that. Join BLESSED PLANET and let it happen!

Sabrina Sickinger

The soul of Blessed Planet

I believe in a world where everybody lives in interrelation and love with everything. Supported from the BLESSED PLANET Community I want to question and impact usual behaviors for a better world to reach a sustainable and healthy change. To follow the way of my heart I have left the corporate world of Graphic Design, Marketing and Brand Management. Next to Yoga, Reiki and Sound-Healing, I am interested in Acupressure, Massages, Nutrition, Spirituality, Trauma Healing, Ecology, Sustainability,…

E-Mail: team.blessedplanet@gmail.com

Rajat Sharma

The strength of Blessed Planet

I left my job as Business Developer in New Delhi to be closer to nature and myself. My dream is a world in harmony and love; musically accompanied. As guitarist and drummer it’s a pleasure for me to create positive rhythms as often as possible. I am always following the path to help and support my surroundings. With Blessed Planet a childhood dream comes true.

E-Mail: team.blessedplanet@gmail.com

The Community

In memory: Kali

The magic of Blessed Planet

Mrs. Kali was our magical soul of the community who let us smile every day with her positive vibes and divine presence – especially during COVID-lockdown 2020. With the BLESSED PLANET Community she found a family and a home where people love, care and took responsible about her.
We miss her so much! Rest in peace little love!

E-Mail: team.blessedplanet@gmail.com

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