Our Vision

Everything in this world exists through interrelations. Our vision is to bring what is upside down back into line. We believe that people, nature and animals are able to live WITH each other in freedom, respect and health. BLESSED PLANET Community is an example for it and due to our behavior, we are inspiring and raising questions regarding all our common behaviors, thoughts, attitudes and our understanding of wholesomeness.

Our Community

BLESSED PLANET is a healthy Community which organizes environmental protection events and demonstrates how to live with awareness and consideration. We see the problems of our world and try to change and help wherever it is needed. We want to reach that more people become aware of their behaviors so they care more about our Blessed Planet. The world will be changed by examples. We need more of that.


Yoga, Healing, Counceling, Charity, Sustainability,… are just a few words which are describing our projects, workshops, classes, retreats or events! Check out >>

Connected NGO

BLESSED PLANET is connected to the NGO Mati Bangladesh. Mati envisions a world free from poverty and injustice. Mati wants a life in dignity for all human beings, regardless of sex, colour or creed… Check out >>

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