Our Vision

Everything in this world exists through interrelations. Our vision is to bring what is upside down back into line. We believe that people, nature and animals are able to live WITH each other in freedom, respect and consideration. BLESSED PLANET Community is an example for it and due to our behavior, we are inspiring and raising questions regarding all our common behaviors, thoughts and attitudes.

We like to give a home for the BLESSED PLANET Community so people can stay and experience, how to live true to the philosophy “back to the roots” – living in harmony with the nature. Therefor we bought a land, in the middle of nature, in a mountain area close to the Yoga Capital Rishikesh, India. The financial outcome, we are using for a NGO, which supports people in need to develop a sustainable business. This, in the end will have an impact on their communities as well and create new opportunities for younger generations. With our corporate experiences as Business Developer and Brand Manager we have the perfect combination of business knowledge to run the vision. BLESSED PLANET is a childhood dream of us and develops out of our hearts.

The Village

The BLESSED PLANET Village is the heart of the community and a place where people can come together. It is in the middle of nature and it is created by using organic material and up-cycled waste. Our village contains a restaurant, an organic shop and we are offering adventure tours and Yoga retreats,… that bring you closer to the environment and yourself. The offers are producing a money flow which outcome will be donated to the NGO.

Our Community

Our BLESSED PLANET Community organizes environmental protection events and demonstrates how to live with awareness and consideration. We see the problems of our world and try to change and help wherever it is needed. We want to reach that more people become aware of their behaviors so they care more about our Blessed Planet. The world will be changed by examples. We need more of that.


At the moment BLESSED PLANET is connected to a NGO which helps people and animals in need. A few pictures we took during Covid-lockdown you can see at our Instagram page. Our aim is to develop a NGO like a Business School where less privileged people can learn how to start and run a sustainable business. This will impact their communities and as well younger generations will get new opportunities.

Join Blessed Planet.

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